Why is National Merit so important?
Thousands of dollars in Scholarship money is awarded every year to National Merit Scholars.
Top universities in the country seek out and favor National Merit Scholars.
In an increasingly competitive environment, National Merit can even the playing field when applying to college.
Why should I choose the Ray Dass National Merit Program ?
Ray is the Leading Expert in Advanced Preparation in the country.
This program has been developed through almost a decade of research and successful implementation.
This program is the most comprehensive and successful program available for students looking to achieve National Merit recognition.
What will my student gain from this experience?
Students will learn critical thinking skills, advanced content, and test taking strategies designed to maximize scoring potential on the PSAT.
Students will also be prepared to do equally well on the SAT!
How much does this program cost?
The tuition for this program is $2,500 and includes, all materials and over 90 hours of preparation.
What if I am unable to pay the full tuition today ?
Payment plans are available if needed.
Full and partial scholarships will be awarded based on financial need.
What else will my student need to bring?
Students should arrive with pencil or pen, paper, and a College Board approved calculator.
How can I find out further information?
Download the event flyer here , or contact us via info@raydass.com or call us at 954.415.6352