JULY 9th - AUGUST 3rd, 10AM - 4PM
Ray Dass

Ray Dass, the creator of the New England Prep, is opening a limited number of spaces into his nationally recognized Nation Merit Program. This program is responsible for one in every four National Merit Scholars in Broward County. This course is tailored to and developed for the best and brightest upcoming juniors in South Florida. We will be selecting only a limited number of students to participate in this intense program.

Students will attend four consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday for six hours each day. The ninety-hour program will ensure the highest possible PSAT and SAT results. Students will leave with highly honed critical thinking skills as well as motivation and s elf-confidence.

If selected, you will have the opportunity to work with Ray Dass, the nation's leading expert in PSAT & SAT preparation. He is credited with helping students increase their scores up to 600 points. Every year, Ray Dass helps thousands of students all over the country maximize their scoring potential and achieve entrance into the top universities in the country.

How the program was developed

Over the past decade, Ray Dass has been working with students at every level in order to perfect the strategies that differentiate him from all others in the world of test preparation. Through his work with top scoring students, he has isolated the key points and concepts that are imperative to success on the PSAT. He is able to help each student identify exactly which question types are his or her own particular weaknesses, allowing the individual to overcome such obstacles. It is this focus on the individual that makes his methods uniquely successful.


Ray Dass uses a combination of group discussion and classroom instruction. In order for students to optimize their critical thinking skills for the PSAT, they must exercise both abilities. A long lecture on strategies and content would cause the students to become reliant on instruction when finding solutions. The group dynamic encourages conviction in their own thoughts and perspectives while introducing them to their classmates’ ideas and analyses.


The latest research on cognitive reasoning is incorporated into the strategies along with long standing test-taking techniques so that students can most effectively navigate even the most intimidating SAT questions and passages.

Math is approached with an easy to understand mentality in lieu of rote memorization. A continued emphasis on understanding and critical thinking replaces a student’s natural inclination towards a reliance on mass repetition.

The progressive approach from intermediate concepts and material to the most challenging is the foundation from which this program succeeds. Higher order thinking and problem solving remain a central theme throughout the process.


Ray has a keen understanding of the complexities involved in taking students with a strong foundation to the next level of accomplishment. He also understands the level of intensity, motivation, and self-confidence that must be cultivated in the students for them to be truly successful at this endeavor. It is critical that students not only want this opportunity for themselves but also believe that success is possible.

There is a distinct connection and trust formed during this process that allows the students to open their minds to a new way of approaching the PSAT and SAT. Ray’s charismatic personality and genuine respect for the abilities of his students helps foster not only a fun experience but also the perfect environment for intellectual growth.


Ray’s insights and techniques have also caught the attention of many in the academic world. He travels all over the country, speaking about his methods and training other educators. He is viewed by many as a leader and pioneer in the study of critical thinking. His true passion, however, is helping students realize their own potential.

The Difference

Rarely, if ever, has there been a PSAT preparation program proven more effective than Ray’s program. With former students now attending Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and New York University, Ray Dass and his unique approach are unparalleled in test preparation success. Students credit Ray and his strategies with helping them achieve perfect and near perfect scores on the PSAT and SAT.

Ray’s profound understanding of what it takes to achieve National Merit, his intense passion for teaching, and his amicable personality are what make this program such a success. Students relate to Ray in a way that makes the class fun and helps alleviate the pressure-derived form this vital step in the college admissions process.

This once is a lifetime experience is now available for the most motivated and dedicated students to take part in.

The Team

Every year, hundreds of applicants apply to become a Ray Dass Test Prep instructor. No more than two to three percent of all applicants are hired. Unlike many who work in the test preparation industry, all Ray Dass Test Prep instructors dedicate themselves full time to this profession. College students and those looking for part time tutoring positions are not considered. Once hired, instructors must complete hundreds of hours of training before stepping into the classroom with the National Merit Preparation Program students. This program is taught by ONLY the best talent in the nation.