In order to have a chance at becoming a National Merit Scholar, you must be proficient in math, critical reading, and writing. It comes with a combination of critical thinking and content mastery.

National Merit

National Merit Scholar recognition is a highly coveted accolade in the college application process. It is also the sole qualification for many academic scholarships. The only opportunity to achieve this distinction is through a qualifying score on the junior year PSAT. Ray Dass has perfected the strategies and techniques needed to adequately prepare for this test.

This honor is only awarded to the top one to three percent of juniors in the country. In an increasingly competitive environment, this distinction can sometimes be the only separation between students applying for the same scholarships and universities.

Our Selection

A very select group of students will be selected to participate in this summer program. To be chosen for this tremendous opportunity you must possess extraordinary discipline, motivation, and a desire to increase your score. A panel of experts will evaluate your previous test scores as well as a five- hundred word essay. In your essay, you must convince the readers of your willingness to be coached as well as any other pertinent qualifications that may separate you from other applicants. Remember that there are a limited number of spaces available and only the most deserving will be selected.


Ray’s vision and attitude are reflected in the results achieved. These qualities must be paired with self-motivated students in order to see the true benefit of this program. Students who participated in this program last year had an average increase of over 23 points. They collectively topped the state charts in National Merit recognition and are now ranked nationally. The percentage increase in number of National Merit Scholars for the life of the program is now 2000%. This level of this success has never been replicated anywhere else in the country. Last year some students saw as much as a 40% increase relative to their starting scores and some finished with a perfect 1520 PSAT score and 2400 on the following OLD SAT.

Intensity and dedication are necessary qualities to attain this level of success. If you feel you have those qualities, we encourage you to fill out an application to be selected for this year’s group!